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Do you really own the private deck attached to your unit? What happens when it needs painting or staining; what about repairs; do you have to plan for its full replacement, or is the HOA planning for this? How about windows and doors? Do you have to pay for a window that was broken by a stone launched from outside?

Community Leadership in Colorado

Your HOA board is operating a complex business, in some cases with a very extensive budget which may or may not include a reserve study. It may entrust a significant amount of its duties to the contracted management, but it cannot assign the respective responsibilities. Colorado now requires ALL paid managers to be licensed by 7/1/15.

HOA Records Disclosure Update

Effective August 2014, an association may now publish, to other members or residents, a contact list or directory that includes individual member or resident contact phone numbers and e-mail addresses, previously prohibited from production.

Manager Licensing

Community Association Managers, management company CEO's, any executive who directly supervises a CAM, are all required to be certified, licensed and insured, effective July 01, 2015.

Records Retention and Production

Effective 1/1/13, new Colorado legislation clarifies which association records must be maintained and produced upon owner request.

The HOA President

The presiding officer is the association's leader, the sculptor of the community, and its principal spokesperson.

Role of the Treasurer

As the chief financial officer, the treasurer is responsible for the association's financial assets and internal controls.

Secretary Duties

The association secretary is the chief information officer, recording officer and custodian of records.

Conflicts of Interest

If you influence or take advantage of a director for personal gain, you have a conflict of interest.

Sellers Disclosure to Buyer

As a seller of a unit governed by a HOA, you an an obligation to ensure the buyer has the documents.

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